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15th June 2022

A new scheme covering Cumbria and including Copeland, Millom and District, has been set up to recognise special buildings, sites or features. The site will celebrate and share our local heritage (not just in the National Park).

You can include buildings and structures, or archaeological features, field boundaries, parks, gardens, historic street furniture, signs, fountains and more.

So if you are aware of anything you think should be included you can complete a form and get further information here.


14th June 2022

The first part of the Holy Trinity Stones Project took place on Saturday, 11th June, 10-2 pm. Archaeologist, Daniel Elsworth, spoke to volunteers inside the church then the twelve volunteers went outside to examine the external stones of the building, take photograph and measurements. A series of photographs taken by one of the young volunteers, Ethan Elliott can be found here: Holy Trinity Stones Project

The second part of the project will take place in July then it is hoped a presentation will take place at some point later.

2nd June 2022


3rd May 2022

Every year Holy Trinity Church celebrate Charter Weekend, when Henry III gave John de Hudleston permission to hold a weekly market and a weekend fair on Holy Trinity weekend. This year that falls on Friday, June 10th to Sunday June 12th and we are helping Holy Trinity Church celebrate the 771st Anniversary.

The Weekend Fair will kick off on Friday, 10th June with Charter Lunch, at 12 noon. This includes a three-course buffet lunch with a glass of something to toast the Charter and will cost £10; to book please ring Margaret or Geoff on 772084. In the evening at 7 pm, Rev. Robert Bracegirdle (vicar of Millom 2002-2013) will give a talk entitled Medieval Millom: Good Church Goers? (£5) includes light refreshments.

On Saturday 11th, 10 am to 2 pm there will be an Arts and Crafts Fair where local folk will be selling their wares, not unlike locals did in the Medieval period. These will include:

There will also be photo displays of the church's last restoration completed in 1930.

Outside the church the Holy Trinity Stones Project will start at 10 am: a group of volunteers will be working with Daniel Elsworth to conduct a survey of the stones on the outside of the church; lots of photographs will be taken and a 3D model made. We are hoping to be able to identify any re-worked stones that might tell us some more history of the church.

Then at 12 noon, Josh Carr will be giving a presentation about metal detecting and show some of his finds.

After describing how to conduct metal detecting according to the rules, Josh will take folk outside to give some practical demonstrations in the Old School grass play area. So if you are interested in metal detecting or have bought a detector and want to know how best to use it and keep within the law, this is a must for you - don't forget to bring your machine!

On Sunday, 12th there will be Holy Communion at 10.30 a.m. then at 2 p.m. Wordsworth, Myers and Millom. Jonathan Powell will describe a visit made by William Wordsworth to Holy Trinity Church to attend the funeral of his cousin John Myers at Po House.£5 includes light refreshments.

Of course, refreshments will be available throughout the event. So come and help us celebrate the anniversary of the granting of the charter. There might even be a bit of live music.


22nd April 2022

Attached information about the conference this weekend which can be attended in person in Maryport or by zoom by ringing 01900 816168.

4th April 2022

The Holy Trinity Stones Project will start on Saturday, 11th June, 10-2 pm. Looking forward to meeting the volunteers and working with archaeologist, Daniel Elsworth.

4th April 2022

Due to circumstances totally beyond our control we have had to cancel our next event which was due to take place on Saturday, 7th May at Holy Trinity Church. We are very sorry if this has inconvenienced anyone and those who have bought tickets will be refunded.

31st March 2022

Historic England have launched a new research resource which allows you to search for aerial photographs. Aerial Photo Explorer.


21st March 2022

Here is a link to Cumbria Local History Federation's General Events page which shares information about member societies' events.


17th March 2022

Another of our metal detectorists, David Hartley, has made several interesting lead finds including this Medieval ampulla:

Ampulae were popular religious souvenirs for pilgrims. They held holy water from religious sites and were produced in mass numbers.

A post medieval lead toy:

and a Viking gaming piece:


16th March 2022

At our Millom Looking Back event we shared one of Josh Carr's finds and asked if anyone had any idea what it was.

Well, we have heard back from Claire Bradshaw of Morecambe Bay Partnership who thinks she has identified what it is.

Claire suggests it might be part of a Medieval Processional Cross. This link takes you to the Portable Antiquities Scheme Finds which shows similar types of figures dated from 15th to mid-16th centuries. If you scroll down there is a link to an example of the figures in situ on a cross from Glastonbury which is now in the British Museum.

These could have been used in church ceremonies or, indeed, when going into battle and given the amount of battles around the Castle it seems likely that is where the figure originated: there is a 15th-century bronze processional crucifix found at the site of the Battle of Bosworth Field - could this be part of a processional cross taken into battle during the Wars of the Roses?


16th March 2022

Millom and District Local History Society are delighted to learn that Millom Heritage and Arts Centre are creating a new room which will concentrate on the Prehistory of Millom and show off some of the artefacts Duane Farren has been finding over many years.

As the new, in-depth, section of our website Prehistoric Millom shows, Millom is blessed with significant evidence that humans were living here from Mesolithic times down through Prehistory, up to and beyond the Roman period. We hope this research will be of help to the Heritage and Arts Centre in their new endeavour to help celebrate Millom's Prehistoric past.

As we have already stated in our Programme Section, the first event of our new season starting in September will be looking at Prehistory and, as well as our own Duane Farren, we have two experts in this field: Dr Alison Burns of the University of Manchester who has written extensively about prehistoric footprints, and Claire Bradshaw, Archaeologist and Heritage Officer for the Morecambe Bay Partnership - Prehistory is her special subject. We are hoping to be able to pursue some joint projects in the near future with Claire which will, hopefully, expand our knowledge about the early history of Millom.

As Bry Cooper works closely with the Heritage and Arts Centre and he will be one of the speakers at our next event, Family History, on 7th May, 1-3 p.m. at Holy Trinity Church. Bry has asked us to make a donation towards the Centre which we plan to do and hope this will help with the new Prehistoric Room.

13th March 2022

We have added a new section to the website: Millom Through Time. The idea is to have a separate page for each historical period which gives information, shares finds and includes links to relevant videos/further information.

The first two sections, Prehistoric Millom and Roman Millom, are completed although as new evidence emerges this will be added.

Clearly it will take a long time to work through the different periods - it is a 'Work in Progress!'

4th March 2022

At our invitation, Trudy Harrison the MP for Copeland, visited Holy Trinity Church today to meet several members of the committee and hear about our Heritage Triangle Project. Excellent write-up on Facebook about her visit - she was impressed with our enthusiasm and offered her support for the Project.

This came on top of another very successful visit to Holy Trinity last week by several Millom Town Councillors who also pledged their support for our project.

28th February 2022

We have had great publicity about this event: it has appeared in NWMail and nearly 10,000 have seen our event on Facebook, so word is getting around about the fantastic history in this little town. Tickets are still available from Eventbrite.

A new coin has been added to the 100+ artefacts on display: Josh Carr has just this week found a Charles II coin.

3rd February 2022

Tickets are now available from Eventbrite..

There will be over 100 artefacts on display; Duane and Josh will be talking about their various finds throughout the ages (from Pre-historic to Victorian and later). It will also be an opportunity to find out what other events/projects we are planning.

31st January 2022

Unfortunately, we have not been successful in our funding bid to the Castle Studies Trust; perhaps not surprising when you know that they only have thirty thousand pounds to share each year and this year they had twelve applications. Nevermind, we will continue our search for funding to commission a geophysical survey in the fields around Millom Castle, Holy Trinity Church and the fields down to Aggie's Lonning in the hope of discovering evidence of the people who have lived in this area for millenia.

28th January 2022

Holy Trinity Church, Millom (known as the 'Old Church' to many) was probably begun in the 12th Century although some reworked stones suggest it may even be older. It has been through a lot during this time, not least in 1644 when, along with Millom Castle, it came under artillery fire from Parliamentary cannons mounted on The Knott. The nearby vicarage was pulled down by Royalists to stop it from falling into rebel hands and the church itself was badly damaged.

During the restorations in 1930 several sculptured and inscribed stones were found; two of these have been placed back in the north wall of the chancel:

A third, with the letters ANTEF inscribed is now inside the church: As far as we know there has never been a comprehensive survey of all the external walls of Holy Trinity Church. Thanks to two grants, from Silecroft School Education Charity and CPG/Millom Town Council Trust this is about to be rectified.

Working with Daniel Elsworth, archaeologist (Greenlane Archaeology, Ulverston), 8-10 volunteers will spend half-day on site to have a good look round the stones on the outside of the church that are relatively easy to access to get a feel for what is there; taking lots of photographs.

Using these photographs, back in the office a 3D model will be produced. Here you can find examples of other 3-D models to imagine what ours might look like: aerialcam.

From this model detailed drawings of the walls will be made. This will be followed by another half-day spent on site (with the volunteers) to check the drawings and any stones that may have been missed and mark up the different types of stone.

We will also further investigate any interesting reused or worked stones using a ladder (adults only) where necessary.

This will result in a series of detailed drawings of the walls and will help explore the development of the building as well as showing areas of different materials (such as red sandstone, which is the most important thing in terms of reused or worked stones).

Even if we do not find any significant reused stones the process will result in a good record of the exterior of this Grade I listed building.

As well as adults, children aged 10 accompanied by an adult can volunteer. If would like to put your name down to volunteer (this will be on a first come basis) please email: Chair The project is will begin when the weather gets better, perhaps from mid-April onwards.

Millom and District Local History Society would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the two funding bodies and Millom Town Council for their support.

24th January 2022

Here is a link to a short (13 minutes) video made by Carvetii Films. Adam Morgan Ibbotson wrote Cumbria's Prehistoric Monuments in which he talks about Swinside, Lacra Bank and Giant's Grave as well as the Millom Crop Marks. Click here.

If you are interested in this topic, here are links to two much longer videos (40 minutes each) which discuss the Stone Age in much more detail and worldwide. Part One.. Part Two..


24th January 2022

Lectures being held by nearby Societies, click here.

17th January 2022

We are also lucky to have such a dedicated family historian as Bry Cooper. Bry runs two local Facebook groups: Millom Families and Millom of Yesteryear. Bry has just finished browsing 2,082 copies of Millom Gazette and saved relevant snippets of information which he will no doubt continue to share with us A mighty task indeed. Bry usually runs a drop-in at Millom Heritage and Arts Centre once a fortnight and publicises this on his Facebook pages.

17th January 2022

We are so lucky to have such an amazing local historian as Duane Farren. Duane has been collecting evidence of people who lived in Millom and surrounding area for many years and lots of people have benefitted from his walks and talks. He is currently doing walks to see the incredible pre-historic footprints and sharing his amazing finds.


15th January 2022

Cumbria Past 2022 lectures click here. Including Neolithic North West, Field Names, 15th Century Frontiers Scottish Marches, Sir Daniel Fleming.

7th January 2022

Commissioned by Wordsworth Grasmere to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of William Wordsworth's Duddon Sonnets, these multimedia art works were first exhibited at Dove Cottage in 2021 and have been re-hung with additional works.

FLAX is a group of textile and mixed media artists, and a creative writer, whose work showcase individual skills and expressions.

"This exhibition has allowed us to interpret the distinctive, unique atmosphere that Wordsworth so well defined about this wild, remote valley with its ancient history of habitation, folk tales and beliefs in his River Duddon Sonnets."

For 8 days only on Weekend afternoons - 12 noon to 3pm. Saturdays 8th, 15th, 22nd, 30th and Sundays 9th, 16th, 23rd 30th January 2022

Entry is free of charge.

Light refreshments available. Donations are welcome towards the upkeep of the fabric of the ancient building which was well-known to Wordsworth.

Holy Trinity Church, Millom, LA18 5EY, beside Millom Castle on the A5093. Ample parking.

7th January 2022

Roman Roads Research Association have their lectures on You Tube. Here is a link to a page on their website that includes descriptions of lectures and links to the videos: click here. They include David Ratledge, Changing the Map: How LiDAR has transformed our understanding of the Roman Road network in NW England; David Armstrong, On-Line Book Launch The Hadrian's Wall Military Way: A Frontier Road Explored; and Mike Haken, How to identify a Roman Road.

18 December 2021

There are a series of lectures coming up at Gresham College which anyone can access, free of charge,on line; click here. There are also 240 previous lectures that are freely available via YouTube. To access a list of the lectures click here.

17 December 2021

We are members of this Association which means our members have discounted entry for their online webinars and other activties. They have an interesting programme of events coming up in 2022 including various Local History Hour talks, a webinar on Creating Engaging YouTube Videos for Local and Family History on 19th January 7 pm; Webinar on Effective Social Media for Local History on 16th February 7 pm. Click British Association for Local History for further information.

17 December 2021

Our neighbouring History Group have a series of events planned for the new year. Talks are usually held at 7.30 in the Rankin Room at Victory Hall, Broughton in Furness. The first one is on on 26th January, A Branwell Bronte Mystery, Colin Robertson. Click Duddon Valley Local History for further information about events.

17 December 2021

One of our projects for next year is conducting a comprehensive survey of the outside walls of Holy Trinity Church Stones . We have applied for funding for this project to the Silecroft School Education Charity and the CGP Trust Fund. We have learnt that we have been awarded £500 from the former and thank them very much. We should hear about the CGP bid in January.

11 December 2021

Four of the Board members took part in a photography project, Stories from the Forest, Stories from the Sea, this year, the results of which have just been published here Unpublished Tour. We all took photographs and wrote short scripts to accompany them; all relate to the history of Millom in some way.

11 December 2021

The Old School next to Holy Trinity was built in 1858 and was the first school in Millom. In more recent years it was used by the Scouts until the state of the building made it unsafe to use. It is now badly in need of repair. Local historian, Duane Farren, put out a call for help on Facebook and the response has been amazing: from offers of transport, slates, wood, labour, making tea and sandwiches, to scaffolding. The scaffolding is almost complete and weather permitting the volunteers can get working on securing this iconic building. THANK YOU EVERYONE.


8th December 2021

As it is the 50th Anniversary of the Society in 2022 we are planning to hold an event on the afternoon of Saturday, 5th March 2022 at Holy Trinity Church, with refreshments of course! The Event, Looking Back, will begin with Jonathan Powell telling the story of how the Society was formed and some of its early talks and walks. Josh Carr will then share some of his findings spanning centuries followed by Duane Farren who will also share his finds across many centuries as well as the famous ancient footprints. Jan Bridget will then look forward to further events, projects, and talks. Here are just a couple of examples of what Josh has found:

And here are some of Duane's finds: